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Update December 2016

I have been so busy with travel and projects that my update is late. I have not neglected my work out routine, still working very hard on my physio and at the same time fit in the events I can now enjoy as the recovery I have made and am still making is giving me the confidence to go further and do more with my life. This year I have traveled to the Caribbean, Italy, Wales and a other places around the UK closer to home.

I have had many changers in this past few months, it's incredible that the recovery still comes but I feel most is now because of my constant stimulation rather than my bone marrow stem cell operation. However it was of cause the operation that gave me the foundation of my recovery.

The hair on my body is still growing further down my legs and arms, my legs are toning, when I lean forward in my wheel chair they take a percentage of my weight. My legs also give me a great sense of lift when I transfer to a higher seat from the one I sit on.

At the start of this year, I did feel a small set back but I think that was due to the physical exhaustion of a very intense but toughly enjoyable 2 weeks in the Caribbean. Our day started at 6.30am (finishing after midnight, so long days) with swimming and numerous other activities and of course in visiting various Caribbean islands. I was propelling my wheelchair for miles at a time in amazing environments, not really meant for wheelchair access , in  an  incredible heat.  However I would say that my level of fitness at the start of this journey was quite high, which carried me through the physical drain of intense 2 weeks. From June onwards I have felt myself regaining both strength and confidence and am really looking forward to the new year where hopefully I will have  a new walking aid along with a planned intense physio regime to take me to the next level.


Update November 2015

I have had some amazing changes over these last 4 months. As I said before hair has been growing on my legs and continues to do so and now I have hairs on my forearms. I know my legs are stronger, when I take a step in the walker it feels like I am on springs. The distances walked between resting has doubled thus meaning I can now complete the walking route in the garden 10 minutes quicker.

When I walk, stepping forwards I now feel pressure in the ball of my foot and my legs take more body weight than ever before. I am getting flashes of normal sensation down my right hand side and cramp in my knee and calf muscles. The muscle tone in my left leg is improving and has a better ’leg shape’ .

My upper body posture is improved with stronger trunk muscles and sensitivity levels are creeping down my body and becoming more obvious.

My confidence is improving week on week as my body responds to changes in sensitivity and work outs. I am now traveling more both in the UK and have flown 3-11 hour flights in the last year. My body is stronger which makes me a stronger more confident person and appreciate that changes are slow but still happening.

I continue daily work outs, swim when possible and maintain a positive attitude to all of life will always aim higher and higher.


Update June 2015

I am amazed at the constant improvements that still come. I feel my legs lift me when I am in my walker. This is a noticeable change because as I  stand  to take a step the weight is taken out of my arms. This throws me a little off balance until I counter balance. I know things are still changing because even to this day the hairs are still growing thicker down my arms and legs.

My trunk muscles are much stronger and I can notice the difference in my posture, this takes away any back pain. I am feeling pain/discomfort in my leg muscles after work outs and even more after a walk around the garden. I feel more confident in the walking frame, it is taking less time to walk around the garden and because of this I have been able to extend the route.

I should have a new light weight walker soon; this will be very different as it is lighter, smaller and less cumbersome. I am sure it will take some time to build my confidence and get a feel for the newer design as it also easier to maneuver.

I am introducing new technologies and approach very soon and will keep my progress updated.


Update December 2014

7 years since my stem cell implant and amazingly my body is still showing signs of improving, so much so that in November I went to Burma to pay respects to an uncle lost in the Second World War. The experience was amazing, the people and culture something you can only believe when you are there and the heat! Temperatures in excess of 90 degrees in the shade at 9am! My body coped well with the environment and the heat, my body temperature even staying normal. This proves to me that the imbalance caused by my injury is balancing out, before my stem cell implant I would not have been able to cope with the heat as my body did not cool itself properly.

With such intense heat and the fact that I was out of my normal exercise regime I did notice some weakness develop in my lower body. However, back to UK temperatures and three weeks of intense work out and complimentary therapies I feel that I am back to the ability that I was before the major undertaking of the 12 hour flights to and from Burma. The response in my lower body has returned so quickly now home I know the only reason for my continued improvement is constant stimulation, exercise and movement.

My energy levels and abilities are increasing and my confidence is building, The hairs on my body are still growing especially on my back, below my knees and forearms. I feel my legs trying to move and respond to my upper body weight shift as my weight shifts with every day activities.

At long last I have made some progress in the manufacture of a folding, light weight walking frame, the prototype is in its final stages of development. Once this arrives it will mean more opportunities to spend in the walker as it will fit through a normal door so I can use it in the house, whereas my original is very bulky and only suitable for the hard standing in the garden. My aim is to use the frame in the house and outside in the warmer weather, hence more time upright than in the wheelchair.

With constant stimulation and complimentary therapies I know that improvement will be maintained. Exercise and commitment is the key. It’s a bit like pushing water up hill, if you stop it runs back to the starting lower point.

7 years since my stem cell implant I am still pleased to see constant but slow improvement.


Update July 2014

Six months on and I still feel I have improved in many ways. My normal day still includes gym workouts and liaison with people from around the world enquiring about stem cell surgery.

After getting up in the morning and doing normal washing, eating and shaving etc. I work out each day. The exercise is the same but I now have more stamina and have increased my work out time from 70 to 90 minuets a day. This may not sound a big increase, but I also stand in my standing frame each day for 60 minuets and take up to 2 hours electrical stimulation to my legs.

The gym work outs have definitely strengthen my upper body, I can now get in and out of the bath with only grab rails. This along with an awareness of my lower body position means my self pushing abilities have increased and have recently pushed 5 miles around a lake. Lower sensation has become more evident and I can feel the shower jet on my manly regions along with sensation as and when I pass water.

My stamina has improved to the point that I can drive 250 miles and do not feel exhausted after the journey; such distances have become a regular part of my life. The hair on my legs continues to grow down my legs, well below my knees and thickening up as time goes by.

Walking around the garden in my original frame continues but my aim to have a lighter weight frame has been delayed due to manufactures liking the idea but then not taking it any further. At the end of this month I have a meeting to discuss a light weight design to be manufactured. This fold up light weight frame will enable me to walk when away from home so that my exercise and mobility will continue. My hopes for improvement remain and I do not put barriers in the way.

This November I and my partner (Elizabeth) plan to go to Burma, a country steeped with history but not a good environment for anyone with a disability. However my ability and confidence has improved to the point where I feel confident I can overcome any problems that may arise in such Countries.


Update March 2014

My daily work outs have become part of every day life, but I still feel that I am making progress. I feel nearly every part of my body responding in some way which is very exciting and also frustrating. I have stronger feelings down my right side and have definite changes in my legs.

The biggest change was when I got back in my walking frame this week. Last year I felt my legs carried some of my body weight, I would push the frame forward but I had to lower my body to maintain balance, then use my arms to raise the weight so I could slide my leg forward to take the step.

This year I feel my legs are taking more of my weight and I also feel them shake when I push on them to stand upright. The legs take the weight so that I get to the upright position. I have also noticed that when I am sitting with feet on the floor and lean forward by using on the balls of my feet I get a backwards momentum into the chair. It is so strange after all these years (accident 1988) I have to explore the forgotten movement to feel the forgotten reaction.

Normal feeling is creeping further down. I have sensation all over my body, normal down to T  3 / 4 and numb level T 10 / 12. Sensation is heightening in my back side and male regions. The hairs are growing thinker and further down my legs and I can see muscles twitching around my lower thighs and knees. This year I intend to do more swimming as well as my normal work outs and am look forward to the arrival of a lighter weight walking frame. This will fold and fit into the car so I can walk outside my garden environment.

This year I intend to do more swimming as well as my normal workouts and am looking to have a lighter weight walking frame made so it can be put in the car


Update November 2013

My legs are becoming much stronger and when I lean forward to transfer into the car or onto the bed at my point of balance they carry much of my weight. My right legs in starting to kick forwards and the hairs are becoming much thicker and now showing signs of returning and growing all over my body.

I have just updated my design of walking frame to fit in the back of my car so that I can walk as well as use the wheel chair when I am out in the country. I now have the confidence to do this.  I am still making recovery and the changers in my legs are unbelievable, I really feel them getting stronger and giving me stability. It is very slow in returning but I do feel the rewards to my labours.

I had to stop my Acupuncture treatment for personal reasons but have now added them back to my routine and can honestly say I feel a great benefit to the treatment. It seems that there is far more sensitivity and movement to muscle reaction to work with.

I now understand the stimulation process must never stop no matter how slow the recovery seems, it is essential that we stimulate our muscles every day, physiotherapy is the key and any form of complementary medicine is good.


Update June 2013

I am feeling changes in my legs more so now, they seem toned but the muscles do not seem to be getting bigger. I have noticed some other changes, for the first time since my stem cell operation I have been swimming. The big difference I noticed in the water is that not only could I keep my feet on the bottom of the pool but when I pushed them down I bounced like a baby in a spring bouncer. My trunk muscles are very good and I would say that on a good day they are 90%, I have come to understand that my muscles constantly need stimulation if not they seem to shut down and become weak again, but they do respond when I exercise and become both sensitive and functional after my daily work out.

I am starting to feel the pains of sitting for long periods in my wheel chair, this in a sense is a good thing as it tells me to change position and proves that my sensitivity levels are improving. The improvements to my right hand have been slight but I continue to passively move my fingers, however the thumb movement is getting stronger so much so that i use the pincer grip to hold things.

I have noticed new hair growing on my forearms and they are still increasing on my legs, the calf area of both legs are showing signs of new hair, this proves that even four and a half years after my Bone Marrow stem cell operation my body is still healing.


Update March 2013

Things have changed in my legs since my last update, they are much stronger and as a result transfers, standing and balancing is greatly improved. I feel my self actually sitting I am aware of my positioning, this makes me conscious of my posture. The feeling of weight through my legs gives me a greater sense of confidence when pushing any distance in the wheelchair, as I tend to lean forward on the downward stroke when pushing down on the wheels.

It has been a very long cold and wet winter so walking in the garden has been impossible and I do not have any great indoor space to maneuver my walking frame in doors. I have not wasted time as I have worked hard in all my rehabilitation areas, and stayed with my rehabilitation program. I am now desperate to get up and out side in my walker to see what new sensations and strengths will be stimulated by walking. I know this will take a few weeks to access as the progress is slow and time consuming.

My trunk muscles are working well some days they seem stronger than others but they give me total support in balance and posture.

Update November 2012

It seems big changes are coming now, as my legs get stronger. I would say they take twice as much weight as they did back in June but I still have a long way to go. My trunk muscles are strengthened and I can now take deep breaths without getting back or shoulder ache and my shoulder muscles appear to be less heavy. As this summer has been very wet I have not been in my walking frame as much as I would have liked. The paved area in the garden makes a circuit for me to walk around. I have now moved the frame into my indoor workout space and intend to get back into a regime over the winter months. I feel the benefits of maintaining a full workout in the gym and am convinced that stimulation is the key to continued improvement. When stem cells repair the nerves need stimulating to grow and the muscles need exercising to strengthen. One main question- what is the time factor in all of this?-the answer to that is in Gods hands.

I have noticed that most nights when I get into bed slightly elevating my legs increases the circulation and with that comes the warmth, my legs feel like they are pulsing, like little electric shocks. The biggest change I have noticed is when I am on my pedal machine (this is power assisted pedaling), I feel my legs going round with each stroke and can keep up with the movement pushing down and pulling at set times. It is as if my brain is recalibrating in time with the movement of my legs. The changes in strength and sensation are still coming and I am sure that my legs are starting to move !!!!!but it is slight and I need to be sure that this is not trick movement form my upper body, however, my faith tells me this is no trick.

Hair growth continues with more now (on the lower leg) and thicker on my chest and trunk. There appear to be more on my upper body now than before my accident in 1988. I stay very positive and enjoy what I have. This next year could answer all the questions and all the prayers...

Update June 2012

Here I am 4 years 7 months after my stem cell implant and some of the most amazing sensations are occurring, I have good sensation both of cramps and touch in my legs after a work out. It seems that the exercise increases circulation and this increases the sensation. I know this is real, for the first time when I am getting down from my standing frame as I lean forward to remove back support belt I feel the stretch down the backs of my legs. I mentioned in other updates that I felt the weight sift in my legs, this is improving and I feel my legs are carrying more weight. I find this fact benefits me as far as I can walk in my walking frame taking shorter rest, I feel myself being carried by my legs. Because of this I am walking twice the distance I was this time last year.

My trunk muscle are working, supporting me in my chair and I find breathing easier , posture and balancing very good with little effort.

Bladder and bowel performance much better, my body is wakening up, as I said at the start stem cells are not a golden pill, it is a long road to recover stimulation and physiotherapy are the key.

I have had a number of new sensations in my legs that unless you are prepared for them, they almost shock your system.

I am, or feel as if I am really working toward walking. I do find that stretching and passive movements are essential before a work out, I fin d electronic stimulation on my calves as first part of exercising a good place to start.

Update March 2012

Progress is slow but on going, I say slow but this is probably my impatient, my trunk muscles are much stronger, I have greater bladder and bowl sensation. I feel the weight increasing in my legs and have walked in my walker around the garden in 40 minuets as opposed to the hour it took before I stop in the Autumn of last year. My sensation of feeling is getting better, below T2 upper chest I have numb sensation, the feeling in my legs has calmed a lot and not as strong but in the bottom of my right foot it is near normal. The decompression therapy helps and is a good complimentary therapy to my physiotherapy. I changed the depth/pressures and this had a major impact on me after the first treatment as I laid in bed that night it was as if my legs where being touched by a cattle prod, the sensations of electric shocks were both exciting and painful.

I feel the sensation getting stronger down my right side, feeling of touch is increasing in my right calf and upper leg. This feeling comes and goes, after work out my body feels stronger but this feeling calms and wears off, the key seems to be stimulation, hence the need to do physiotherapy daily. My back is much stronger, I can now sit up and wave my arms maintaining good balance.

Update January 2012

The past months I have concentrated more on gym work than being in my walker and I am looking for that muscle build ?. My legs are slowly changing shape and the muscle are forming, my leg hair is still growing. The load  bearing  feeling in my legs seems to be increasing. My frustration is that it is incredibly slow. I feel so close yet so far from lifting my legs. I now have good sensation at the bottom of my right foot.

This makes me want to work harder because I am getting feelings and sensation I have never had before. Feeling in the bottom of my right foot is near normal ( I am thinking this is why I feel the sensation of load bearing ). My progress is slow but constant on average every two weeks I have some recognition of change be that in strength, feeling, movement or muscle shape. I try and use my electronic stimulation machine every day, around two hours. If possible I attach  the electrodes to my lower and upper legs at times when I am watching a DVD or working on my computer. If there is any part of the day that I sit in one location for more than one hour I connect up and make a point of not wasting time. In recent months I can more often  feel the electronic pluses.

My legs are definitely waking up. The changes to me in sensitivity, colour, hair and muscle tone are obvious to me, hence my impatience. I know I must keep going and can not help but feel the answers are coming and I have a lot to be grateful for. I am very grateful to those who read and mail me with encouragement as well as those who mail with questions. I know this is uncharted territory and each day is a learning process. I find my self at a point where the anxieties are unbearable. I suppose this is where I need to draw on faith and the reasons I went to South America in the first place.

Improvements are still coming, leg sensations are changing up and down constantly; some nights as I lay in bed it feels as if my legs are being hit with a cattle prod, powerful electric shocks enough to keep me awake. The strange thing is I never had these shock type feelings in my fingers or trunk as the feeling and movement returned so !! could this be the start of nerve growth and connection. Needless to say if it is then only time will tell. If this be the case then, this be the answer that we are all looking for.

I can only assume that as the hairs on my legs increase and the hair line grows downward toward my feet that stem cells/nerve cells are still working, I can not help but feel impatient but I know that there is not a time scale. There is not an answer to how long it takes for stem cells to activate, then turn into nerve cells, then grow, connect, repair and function ?????????????????



Update June 2011

Since my last update the improvements have come on much faster, my theory on this is that my operation site has settled down and the spinal shock/swelling is calming. I am now actively up and in a walking frame, I am still what you might say wheel chair dependent but my legs are starting to wake up. I felt the weight shift in my legs about eight months ago and since then I feel the weight my legs are taking is increasing, so much so that as I pass my weight from one leg to the other as I stand, this is enabling me to drag my leg through each time to take a step.

Most of my weight is carried through my arms as I stand in a walking frame but my legs are definitely taking a percentage of my weight and over the weeks this weight is increasing. At the moment I can take small sliding steps and can manage three or four steps before I need to sit and rest, this will be a good marker on my progress to see if over the coming months I can take more steps covering a greater distance before resting.

The level of sensations in my body are changing, some days the sensitivity is stronger than others, it seems much stronger after a work out session or walking frame session. 

It strange to think that I can sometimes feel my toe nails being filed but not feel my ankles, on other occasions the feelings are reversed.

I hope to soon update my website with a video upload of my progress in a walking frame.

I remember Dr Geffner telling me that “stem cells are the key to a better quality of life”  but the support of exercise, diet and complementary therapies can feed the need of the body to take the stem cells to there fullest potential. ( FACT).

My trunk muscles have improved and strengthen.  It is wonderful to feel myself in control of my body and my body in control of my movements, posture and balance.

Bladder and bowel are constantly improving, anyone wanting a one to one with any questions can mail me through the contacts page.


Update March 2011

Since my last update many changers are taking place in my body, I can recall just after Christmas laid in bed just off to sleep the point when my body was totally relaxed I had a serious of like electric shocks pulsing down both my legs, this lasted for about fifteen minuets, My trunk muscles are much stronger and give very good trunk support I feel that with my breathing being much easier and taking in deeper breaths. Balance and posture are confident building, I feel that I sit in this chair.

I use my tummy muscles to empty my bladder by pushing down this enables me to pass water, this again is working much better and it has been over a year since any infection. 

I am also getting sensation of opening and closing bladder to past water. I work on this as much as possible, I must admit it is hard to get use to trying to use bodily functions again as they seem to awaken.
The muscles in my legs are forming more now and not only do I see change but feel it too. I know that this summer I will be up in my walker and will post a video on my website as soon as I possibly can. I also feel the electric pulses through the pads from my electronic toner, especially after a work out.

I  can not at this moment wiggle toes but feel them trying to move and the good news is that before my operation in Ecuador my toes were white and always puffy making it hard to wash and dry between them. They have become longer and thinner the shape is close to normal and on occasions I can feel the bottoms of my feet. (My toe nails grow with ridges and slightly decoloured, I have been told this is common with spinal injuries)

I now realise that my body not only reacted to the stem cell implant but the operation had an affect on my body as well. The spinal shock that I suffered at the time of the operation was mild as the trauma was not caused by impact but it still had a major affect. I think this caused my rapid weight loss, its hard work but I am now slowly gaining weight with body and muscle tone. It’s a long path but through physical stimulation, electronic stimulation and above all faith I feel in my heart I will get there.


Update November 2010

Things seem to be improving constantly however slowly, I feel muscles forming in my calves and the top muscles of my legs although small are starting to tone. I am amazed at the way my legs are changing both in shape and colour, I try to remain patient but feeling so close to leg function is frustrating.

I change my work out routine as I do not want my brain/muscle coordination to be come programmed. As my legs seem to be taking a small amount of weight I feel my self pushing on them to help me sit up right in my chair after I have picked things up from the floor or lent forwards taking my upper body past the point of balance. The most amazing thing of all to date is that I now feel the weight shift in my legs when I lean left or right whilst in my chair,

There is not a text book with recovery for any one person the recovery I am making after 20 plus years of being in a wheelchair is uncharted territory. Dr Luis Geffner himself would be first to admit that there is no cut point to recovery after bone marrow stem cell implant. I am sure that with out the stimulation of exercise recovery would be even slower and only slight.


Update July 2010

Two years and eight months since my bone marrow stem cell operation and things are changing fast.
I feel this is because  my operation site at my c7 vertebra is calming down (the swelling is going down and the spinal shock is calming). My theory behind this is that if the stem cells do their job in healing the cut and damaged nerves. I will not feel the benefit of this until the swelling calms.
My physiotherapy program is intense,

Power assisted peddle machine 10 mins
Paralellbars 30 mins
Work out bench 45 mins
Standing frame 1 hour
Wheel chair Road push ½ mile up very steep hills
Electronic stimulation 1 ½  hours
Decompression therapy once a week  
Foot massages/ reflexology  

I am sure that my legs are starting to move.
20 years of work outs things are changing.
I feel the weight shift from one leg through to the other when I move or lean forward in my chair.

The tension in my legs is more powerful, my legs are changing colour yet again.
My legs now look natural, hairs have grown back in many places and I get cramp in my toes. Some time when I transfer from chair to bed/car/beach or shower seat I feel my legs trying to lift me, it’s as if they are taking some of my weight.

After 20 years could I really have this chance of what I spent the last 20 years dreaming of ?



Update March 2010

It now been five months since my last update and the last point of my diary of recovery, twenty seven months on and my trunk muscles are now functioning really well they give better balance and movement. This has improved my posture and stability (my body is healing, progress is still being made).

I felt some change in my legs I could not be sure as to what it may have been. It is difficult to describe the sensations I was feeling, a combination of electric tingles and muscles pluses. Before my bone marrow stem cell implants I had sensations of pull in my legs but never the sensation of tension that I feel now, for years I worked hard with the sensation I had before but never got passed a certain point of recovery but now its as if my boundaries have been lifted and each week I feel a little stronger. I worked hard through the winter in my gym every day and each evening used an electronic body toner on my legs.

The muscle tone in my legs seems to be changing, I can not as yet physically move my legs but I feel them trying, it’s like they are just very heavy. I have to confess I promised myself I would keep an open mind but I have become very excited at the reality of walking again. There are days when I feel the strength returning in my legs and other days they feel weaker, I put this down to the spinal trauma caused at the time of my corrective surgery and bone marrow stem cell implant.

I feel connected to my legs for the first time in since my accident a good example of this is that when I am on my peddle machine I can feel my legs follow the peddles round. I am confident that what I am now feeling is the early stages of leg movement, this gives me a positive mind and encourages me to work even harder in the gym. I intent to update my website again soon to keep all informed of my latest progress.


Stem Cell up date 18 months - implant November 21st 2007 to date - July 30th 2009.

My rate of recovery is hampered by the corrective surgery carried out at the time of my implant needless to say it is pointless implanting stem cells unless the spinal canal is clear. My C7 vertebra was split open and the top fragment had entered the spinal canal blocking and compressing the nerves cutting into the spinal cord by around 45% of the canal.

The protruding bone was cut and removed thus making a small hole where the surgeons drain fluid, defeathered the cord, removed the scare tissue and implanted my bone marrow stem cells.

This was indeed a difficult proceeded and could have resulted in the loss of the movements I had gain over the past 20 years, I always felt that this was a mission on faith and after Dr Geffner and his team had explained the possibilities of the pluses and the minuses of the operation I was still determined to proceed.

Since my last website up date I have made further improvements how ever my recovery is still subject to the spinal swelling that accrued at the time of my operation this in its self could take any thing up to three years to calm. This in fact means that I could well have nerve fibres repaired from my stem cell implant that I will not feel the benefit of until the spinal swelling (spinal shock) calms. This explains the reasons for sensation of touch and movement that come and go, this is very frustrating but at the same time encouraging. My thinking is that if the sensations come and go this must mean that some connection is being made and my hope is that as and when the operation site calms the sensations will all return, lets not forget nerve repair under a microscope may be understood as nerve repair at the point of injury within the spinal cord but this may not have the text book affect at the muscle.

My truck muscles are now strong enough to be of use to me, I can now sit up right, don’t fall across the passengers seat when turning a corner driving my car. When sitting up right on my work out bench with my feet on the floor I can hold my back in sit up straight and come off the point of balance slightly and correct my posture
With out falling over, the strength I have regained also helps with breathing allowing me to take deep breaths.

The feelings in my legs comes and goes the colour in my legs shows redness an indication of good circulation and not the white ghostly affect that they had at the point of my accident and up to the time of bone marrow stem cell implant. At the time of my accident the hairs on my legs stopped growing below my knees and within days after my operation in Ecuador they started growing again and to this day they are still growing.



Ecuador November 2007

In September 1988 I had a fall and broke my neck at c7 level, at the time of my accident I was left paralysed from the chest down this included the loss of movement in my hands. There was never any operation to correct the fracture however after three months some movements and sensations began to return, so much so that with daily physiotherapy I regain limited hand and finger movement, some trunk muscles and the ability to lock my knees allowing me to stand in parallel bars with all my weight going through my arms.

I became frustrated with the consent promise of a cure for spinal injuries; however it soon became apparent that stem cell implants were a promising way forward. I began to study reports from around the world on stem cell progress, many countries were offering implant with promising results.

I contacted most of the organisations asking questions of my concerns and the success with patents to date, most seemed reluctant to give evidence and those that did tended to be shallow all except Doctor Luis Geffner and his team. I was given a full insight to work carried out but patient confidentiality was respected, an M.R.I scan was requested of which I prejudice and based on the information and my history of medical condition Doctor Geffner and his team made their assessment and gave me the fully aware of the possibilities and the risks involved.

As a result of my research I felt the best treatment available to me was with Dr Geffner and his team. I traveled to South America and planned on a three week stay giving me enough time to recover from my operation and prepare for the journey back.

After an intense examination my bone marrow was taken, stem cells where harvested and implanted at the time of my corrective surgery. I was discharged from hospital two days later to rehabilitate in my hotel room with regular visits from Dr Geffner. I returned home feeling very weak and spent the next few months recovering from my operation before starting my intense physiotherapy program.

The first thing I noticed was that my legs changed colour circulation had improved and strangely enough at the time of my accident that hairs below my knees toped growing but within 2 months of implant they started to grow back after twenty years. My back muscles returned and strengthen within three months so much so that I could sit up on my work out bench with no back support. Sensations and muscle tensions are moving down to my toes, I can feel my legs in different areas.

I do not have any regrets about having the operation or stem cell implant the improvements are mind blowing and I have more to work with now to improve my quality of life. I am working towards walking again as now I feel it’s a strong possibility thanks to the work of Dr Luis Geffner.