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Travel preparation and accommodation for a three week period



Flights from the UK can go one two ways from UK to Amsterdam then to Ecuador, South America or UK to Madrid Spain and then connection flight to Ecuador. I traveled with KLM and the service was perfect in every detail. Travel insurance was a problem until a broker put me in touch with Seven Corners (contact details in Links). This company are as far as I am aware are the only insurance company in the world to cover a person with disability to travel to Ecuador with the intention of an operation. 


The cost in flights from the UK and accommodation for two people for a three week period is constantly changing but a ball park figure is around £4,000 UK pounds.

 The cost of bone marrow stem cell implant depends on the level of corrective surgery required, as well as bone marrow extraction and stem cell implant and the care package required. This cost would be between Doctor and patient as medical requirements will change from person to person.

Care Assistance

It is wise if possible to travel with a spinal trained carer, Having your own private carer is a safer option as it is best to be as independent as possible both in the hospital and the Hotel. On my links page is a contact for a fully trained spinal care based in the UK. Subject to personal agreement he is able to travel from any where in the world to Ecuador.